Falling In Love


Welcome to our first look of Brandon and I's "We Do" BBQ 
Engagement Party! For us, nothing is better than getting together with family and friends to celebrate in the joy of exciting moments of one another's lives. Since the big Engagement reveal in early July, this was our chance to get together to celebrate our future marriage. 

After choosing a date for the party, it was time to tackle the theme. Being September, it was no question to keep the organics of nature to be the highlight. Fall happens to be one of our favorite seasons in the North Country. 
With decisions made, off to make invitations it was. 

I couldn't help but get my hands down and dirty when it came to decor. We held our event at one of the small parks I grew up going to as a child in my original home town. This made it very personal for my parents to be able to celebrate just feet away from the swings and playground they would take me to years ago.

Twenty five of our family and closest friends were able to attend under our little decorated pavilion. We welcomed them with warm hugs, apple cider, and fun wed-libs to play, courtesy of the groom to be. 

 Just a few weeks before we had been planning this event, I couldn't help but be inspired by all the fall themed items coming out in all of my favorite stores. We set up this cute welcome table with some of my favorite finds and flowers. Simple meets vintage.

Chalkboard sign, mason jar, and Mr & Mrs letters - Michael's

Orange tablecloth, photo frame and center leaf - The dollar store

Sunflower bouquet - Trader Joes

Little did I know that Brandon's grandma would show up with some extra decorations that happened to match perfectly!What more could this fiancĂ© ask for? 

We can't wait for the next!

Welcome to Tiffany's Korner! I'm so happy you stopped by! There's always something new to read about weekly, so enjoy your stay and feel free to come back and visit! xoxo

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