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Over the past few months, I've encountered not only new adventures in life, but new things I've been loving! Without further ado, here is that list.

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick In Stone has easily became one of my go to lipsticks for the fall season. This is a beautiful shade of taupe brown with grey undertones. It pairs wonderfully with tons of different outfits and eye looks.

The Knot Magazine has a ton of great bridal and wedding magazines! I am constantly inspired with inspiration and cute ideas each page I turn. 

Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer is one of my most recent purchases this past month. I had always passed by this product when roaming through the makeup aisle in Target and even picked it up on multiple occasions. It was time to give this product a try. I love the texture of the product, how it feels on the skin, and the packaging.   

We Heart It is an app I just recently re-discovered when looking through the App Store in my spare time. I forgot how much fun it was! The app itself is almost identical to Pinterest, but instead of pinning your favorite images and quotes, they use hearts to separate into categories. I love uploading photos from my Instagram to give inspiration to others. One of my photos reached over 300+ hearts! How cool!
Starbucks Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate had to become the Tiffany fall treat in the month of October. Who ever thought to put salted caramel in a hot chocolate form was genius! I also count the cute cups as a plus because they're definitely instagram worthy.

Lush's Tea Tree Toner is now a daily part of my skincare routine and I aboslutely love it! Not only does it refresh my skin in the morning, but it reduces the redness I have on my face. Plus the smell is fresh and clean too! Lush products always have the best scents. 

Mac Fix+ is a makeup product I always miss when I don't have it. Over the past year, I've learned how important it is to me to invest in a good makeup setting spray. I've tried multiple products on the block, but recently just made my second repurchase of this one. I like that fact that not only can it be used to set your makeup, but it can also be used to give a metallic finish to your eyeshadows. I can't say enough good things about the payoff of this spray. I feel as though my makeup is never complete with out a little spritz!

Bed Head Extreme Straight Shampoo And Conditioner brings back the days of Cosmetology School memories. Although I went to a school which used Redken products and techniques, I always had a secret love affair on the side with Bed Head. Frizz is a major daily struggle for this coarse haired girl, therefore keeping it under control is a priority when it comes to hair products. I have definitely noticed my frizz taming after getting out of the shower when I use this.

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil is a new makeup item I just discovered at the drugstore. I recently ran out of my favorite eyebrow pencil (Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz) and have come to realize I am constantly repurchasing this product every two months. It was time to venture out to Target and try something new. I looked online for ABH brow wiz dupes and came across NYX. Originally I went looking for their micro brow pencil, but since they didn't carry them at my Target, I decided to try this instead. The product has not disappointed! I am a huge fan that it's retractable and it's similarity my favorite eyebrow pencil for a quarter of the price!

What are some things you've been enjoying lately?! 
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