Taking Steps For An Organized Life

Recently I've been really enjoying the little routines that have made their way into my daily schedule. Lets just say I'm probably one of those most forgetful people I know and I wasn't always a tidy person through out the years. I think it's actually pretty silly to think back on my high school me and remember my mom would think my room was such a disaster...even when the only thing in site was my hair straightener on the floor. 

Simplicity is key and since I have come to be able to say I love being an organized person, I decided I want to share some steps that have worked for me that can help you with a quick refreshing to staying on track with your life! 

The first thing you'll want to focus on is decluttering your space. This could be your room, your closet, your favorite part of your household, your car, your desk, or even your bag. I've learned that being a visual person means I have to reduce the clutter around me in order to think better and to keep my brain processing. Knowing that I'm in a messy environment distracts my mind and hinders me from working at my best. It also helps me sleep better at night too! This is your starting point. Having a clean space aids in having a clean mind.

The next tip I suggest is to get into a habit of writing things down. One of the absolute best things that has happened to me personally in the past few weeks is buying myself a to do list. I constantly find myself jotting things down on sticky notes, pieces of paper, in my phone, and sometimes even receipts that get lost in the end anyway. Having a dedicated to do list has eased my mind and helped my relationship with myself and others around me. In all honesty, theres something therapeutic to me about getting things out of my head. You'll be able to refer back to that thought you wrote that may not cross your mind again for weeks down the road. Believe it or not, but the tasks I have for the day are now finally a success in my life!

Another  item that has always had my back is a calendar! I'm starting to become thankful for all those moments through out my education where teachers always said you had to have a planner in school and make sure you always use it. Having an item to help me stay on top of everything and write out my tasks for the day starting so young, definitely helped me build a routine and a love for staying organized. I'd be lying if I didn't say I get a little excited to buy a cute new planner once a new year begins. Taking this next step will help to insure you never miss an appointment, important family event, birthday, or credit card bill that come your way. You'll always remember something if you see it! For those of you like me who have to see things all the time, I keep a calendar right above my work desk and I also have a planner I can throw in my purse on the go. 

Now this is a tip we all need to hear time and time again. Don't allow yourself to procrastinate or get distracted. You could practically call me the queen b at this particular area of my life. I find myself always wanting to achieve a thousand and one things at once and also have my me time at once. Lets say, I can get easily distracted from the task at hand. Don't let this creep it's way into your day, instead refer back to your planner and see what you have to get done before spending time on other things around you. Only then will you feel like you have enough time in your days since you've been so productive. If a task is taking long or you're going to need to break it up through out a few days schedule, always remember its okay to schedule yourself a break. Just like the work place, we all need to know when its time to step away from what you're doing and get refreshed.

The last tip I will leave you with is to make these steps fun and don't forget to ask for help when needed! It might be overwhelming at first to try to change old habits, but you don't always have to do it alone! Having a friend to hold you accountable, a family member to give you guidance, or even having a spouse to help you achieve your goal, creates new routines that you can live out! You don't have to stay comfortable in your surroundings because thats always how you've been or because it gets to hard. You can step out in faith and courage knowing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! I promise by just taking these few simple steps for the next few weeks you're going to find yourself feeling like you have your life together again and you will form new habits as time goes on. Trust me when I say your mind will thank you for that! 

Welcome to Tiffany's Korner! I'm so happy you stopped by! There's always something new to read about weekly, so enjoy your stay and feel free to come back and visit! xoxo

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