Growing Independent In Being Dependent On God

What does independence mean to you?

For some it may speak self-ruling in their life. For others freedom. Maybe a handful of people see it as self-determination. Google defines the definition of independence as a fact or state of being independent. That leads us to another question. What does independent mean to you in your life?

Independent is being free from outside control; not depending on another's authority. In my own thoughts and perspectives, it's helpful to have the proper meaning of understanding each word we discuss or use to portray a message across to others. You wouldn't tell your best friend about that awesome mac & cheese recipe your aunt always makes around thanksgiving without them knowing what mac & cheese is first right?

Having a background on what independent means will set us up for smooth sailing for understanding the word dependent. We need our handy, dandy, google search for this accurate information. Dependent means to require someone or something; a person who relies on another. 

This is an area of my life that is starting to take a different path as I seek to grow closer to God each and every day. Asking any of my friends or family who know me well enough, they'd probably all agree I'm not the most independent person they know. For years I constantly relied on my mom to call doctors for me to make appointments or even order my meal at the drive thru. I dragged my husband to the grocery store with the excuse being, I thought it was more fun when I had company. I always looked to friends for answers in tough circumstances I found myself struggling with in high school. I never realized that my identity of who I was, would slowly get lost along that narrow way.

About three and a half years ago, everything changed. I met someone who would accept me, challenge me, mold me, and show me the way if I trusted in Him. His name is Jesus.

The book of Psalms in the bible is absolutely beautiful. I always find myself running my hands through the pages, to be reminded of great promises I highlighted with my favorite yellow sharpie. One verse that I love and that is definitely worthy of a highlight is 

Psalms 37:5 
"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you."

 Oh boy, does that mean absolutely everything? God wants us to commit who we are, who we plan to be, our struggles, the choices we make, our work, family, the burdens of our hearts, and maybe even that situation with unfriendly pests roaming around in our kitchen. Whatever it might be in your life, He wants us to trust in Him because He will help us. Who knew two small sentences of scripture could impact us so deeply? Taking advantage of this area in our life is Gods will for each one of us. It will bring us to a place of comfort and peace. 

So what does it mean to grow independent in being totally dependent on God? I'm glad you asked because I'm just about to get there.

What a mouthful! Lets break that down just a little bit. If you remember independent is being free from outside control. Examples of outside control could be the discouraging thoughts we think of ourselves, the countless times someone has disappointed us, and the chaos of all life demands. To be independent is freedom from all of these distractions. 

Dependent is to require someone or something. This is where we require God! He tells us in Psalms 37 to trust in Him. In any case when you depend on someone, you have faith that you can trust them. We can trust in God and the plans He has for us. We can trust Him in time of need. We can even trust that He will work through us for His glory.

Psalms 94: 22 
"But the Lord is my fortress; my God is the mighty rock where I hide."

A fortress is not susceptible to outside influences or disturbances. This is exactly what it means to be independent. He can be just that for us if we let Him. God is the mighty rock to whom we find comfort. Just as a rock is extremely strong and reliable, so is the one I look to. Being independent never seemed more pleasing. 

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