Christmas Wishlist's & Gift-List's

Welcome back after a long fun-filled weekend! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Now that we've all been happily feed with full tummies and hearts full of love, I can't help but notice all the adorable decorating around neighborhoods and Christmas inspired photos flooding my Pinterest feed. Let the celebrations begin! 

Closing on the month of November and sliding in to say hello to December, I wanted to share some Christmas wishlist and gift-list inspiration. I don't know about you, but I can testify to having the hardest time shopping or even over shopping during this time of year. The crazy black Friday stories, the overwhelming choices, and the many trips to Target for one thing of wrapping paper, but getting to the register to only be welcome with an $80 bill. Can anyone else relate? This calls for making our lists and checking them a little reminder to bring them with us on our shopping excursions.  

Here's a little nspiration straight out of the pages of my own wishlist catalog to get you started!


1. Holiday Themed Pajamas // GIFT HERE

2. Lemon Squeezer // LIST HERE

3. White Leather Adidas // WISH HERE

4. Black Felt Calligraphy Pen // GIFT HERE

5. Uninvited Book // LIST HERE

6. Pacifica Sea Foam Face Wash // WISH HERE

7. Soy Blend Rose Candle // GIFT HERE

8. Beauty Blender Solid // LIST HERE

Welcome to Tiffany's Korner! I'm so happy you stopped by! There's always something new to read about weekly, so enjoy your stay and feel free to come back and visit! xoxo

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