Trusting In Gods Purpose To Prevail

"Don't copy the behavior & customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person, by changing the way you think." 

This is a post I didn't include on my 'things to do' list of today. I usually have a day or two to conger up a record of my thoughts and ideas of intention for each article that goes up on the girls korner. In all honesty, I prepared to stay as far away from this subject as possible, with the idea of all the craziness that would arrive on the scene with it. To my surprise, it looks like God had a different plan. 

This morning as I spent just about two minutes doing my daily check in, on all of my social media accounts, I was invited by toxic criticism and nasty words running miles long down all my feeds. I was taken back...far back. I expected the news of a winner of the presidential election (no matter what way it went) would bring war, rage, and long paragraphs of peoples opinions all across the internet nation wide. It always does. Although this, I was perplexed to see it get worse and worse as the reality set into peoples hearts. 

Those people we call our friends, our family, even ones we look up to, all firing words of anger at one another and the opinions that they have towards this historic event. Places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, became quickly draining for me to even look at. The places I used solely for outreach and enjoyment, came crumbling down in a matter of minutes.  

 He meets us at rock bottom. The incredible gift of love, patience, and self control washed over me. Let me tell you, there is something so wonderful about His presence. I felt at peace in the midst of the storm. Why would I worry if others are losing their cool about something that God has already worked out? He is still in control! 

Psalms 33 is a great reminder to us that we have nothing to fear. God's word is true, His work is good, and He will always bring us through. We can trust in everything that He does, even if we're uncertain. His plan will play out whether we agree or not. This means accepting whoever is put into office or even that bad grade received on your 22 page final exam paper in english class. We must except  these, with love and  understanding.

No matter what any of us are going through, there will come times in our lives that things will happen we don't always like or don't always want. Take a look at what Proverbs 19: 21 says about this:

God has an agenda. He has a purpose for everyone. He has a plan for this country. Just because someone new may be sitting in the white house, doesn't mean someone new is sitting on the throne. It's time to 'let go and let God.'

Our minds should be aware of the fact that we can't be in control over everything, but we can know we are deeply loved by the one who is. We can rest on this because of what proverbs 21:1 tells us.

No matter who wins the next olympian gold medal, is voted captain of the football team, or elected as president of the United Sates, God is still the one who has the power. Wherever you may be in the midst of these changes, I hope that you can find peace in the comfort of these words. For only then will you feel freedom and it becomes well, with your soul. 

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