Top Ten Beauty Essentials To Splurge On

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 It's time for a new series I'd like to call Must Have Mondays! A day for all of us to share our top ten's to start out each Monday of the week. What do you all think?

Today our category is all about beauty! One of my favorite loved topics to ramble on and on about for hours...well in this case type paragraphs on paragraphs for pages. Since it wouldn't be un-usual for me to do this, we'll try and stick to just ten beauty essentials I think are worth splurging on. 

  • My number one, Bobbi Brown. Always having my back! Bobbi Brown's bronzing powder is one of the most well known, beautiful, natural bronzers on the market. The shade I use is called golden light 1. I originally purchased this to use on my wedding day in June, but I'm so happy I'm able to grab for this every day! It's light weight, easy to blend, and has a soft, matte finish to help promote healthy looking skin.  No wonder Bobbi Brown is receiving almost 5 star feedback every where you look. This is a bronzer that can't be messed with. 
  •   Since I adore lipstick so much, the second product I wanted to mention is another one with sky rocketing reviews. MAC cosmetics velvet teddy is the perfect, everyday lip shade! I don't know about you, but I'm almost always overwhelemd when picking out a lipstick at Mac because they have a huge variety of colors. I seriously mean huge. There's constantly new ones being released! This color is a shade that is going to look good with any outfit, any season, and any time of day. This is a matte, neutral toned beige shade, that will look beautiful on absolutely everyone. 
  • I without a doubt had to mention an item that you probably already have sitting in your cosmetic bag right now. It's a true beauty essential and has been for years. Did you guess it yet? If you assumed it could be an eyelash curler, than your assumptions are correct! I remember the very first time I ever used one of these was actually life changing for me. I hadn't discovered this awesome beauty tool until about mid high school. Since then, I haven't looked back.
  • Every girl loves jewelry right? Some of my favorite jewelry to wear are bracelets. At one point in my life, I was collecting as many as I could get my hands on. Anything from silver and gold, to those funny, silly bands back in 2010. If you remember silly bands, comment down below! One of my favorite bracelets I own was purchased by my husband. It's charming with it's adorable, detailed lettering, engraved with our first date. This one holds a special place in my heart. These personalized pieces are always worth going the extra mile.

  • One of the mascaras that will constantly reside in one of my makeup drawers at all times is Maybelline's Great Lash, lots of lashes. I've had an on going relationship with this beauty product for several years now. Once you've tried this on those bottom lashes of yours, this product will be your new best friend. I'm always repurchasing it and constantly suggesting it to others! 
  • Another one of my preferred jewelry pieces are necklaces. I have a slight obsession with dainty necklaces these days. I'd say I'm a huge fan of simplicity. My favorite color (white) proves this to be true. The specific essential I'm sharing caught on camera, was purchased at Forever 21 in a set of three. That marks another reason why I think these made it to my top ten. I enjoy layering different necklaces to complete my outfits and this one couldn't fit the category any better!
  • Rose gold has easily become a fan favorite when the iPhone 6 first hit the shelf introducing this shade to their list of many colors. Since then, it has easily become a regular shade making appearances in my every day life. In this case, a rose gold watch. I was on the hunt for one of these little guys for months! When I finally found the right one for me, you could've found me jumping around at Sears in the ring department. This gives the right amount of classic chic with a modern day twist. Did I mention it also tells some great time too? ;)

  • If anyone ever asks me what the best beauty essential to invest in, without a doubt I'd say makeup brushes! Using the right tools to create art is always key. The ideal, blending eyeshadow brush, is one you will find just about three..four...maybe even five times in my makeup collection. Just a few of my go to's include brands like, Sigma Beauty, Real Technique, Mac, Elf, and Morphe Cosmetics. Morphe's pro, firm, blending (M433) brush is worth the hype! It's multi-purposeful and can be used on the flat side for shading or on it's tip for seamless blending. This is just another essential I reach for almost every day.
  • I'm all about beauty on a budget, so this single eyeshadow was one that couldn't be missed mentioning. L'oreal infallible eyeshadow in iced latte is a fan fav all around. This pressed pigment is super creamy, long lasting, and highly pigmented! Iced latte is a gorgeous champagne color that will make your eyes light up. I truly believe the infallible eyeshadow collection by L'oreal, are probably some of the best shadows at the drugstore right now. One swatch of this, and you might have to agree.
  • Ending on a high note, it wouldn't be a beauty essentials without a little Laura Mercier. Her very famous translucent, loose setting powder, is the talk of every beauty guru on youtube. I was torn to invest in this powder after months of hearing excellent reviews because of it's high price. The full, standard size retails at $38. I eventually caved in after seeing the results right before my eyes. I wanted perfectly, smooth, powerless looking skin! To no surprise, the highly hyped up powder lived up to the reviews. My top ten beauty essentials wouldn't be the same without this big splurge.

Now its your turn:

What are some of your beauty essentials? 
Did any of your favorites make the top ten? 

What is worth your splurge?
I love hearing from you!
Have a happy Monday

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