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Not only did October bring beautiful colored leaves and the return of the pumpkin spice latte, but it also brought a few favorites into my daily life. I always find myself feeling inspired to read a new book, find a favorite song, or return to a previously loved beauty product as the seasons change. I'm going to be sharing nine of my current favorites with you to kick off the new month! I'll also have everything clickable to links of each item we talk about for easy access :)

This is an eyeshadow palette that can't stay on the shelves! I remember last year trying to order this online, but found it to be constantly sold out. Remember that old saying, never give up?! I did just that and I eventually was able to get my hands on it. Morphe cosmetics has some of the most highly pigmented eyeshadows I own. These colors from this palette are all based with an orange undertone. What could be more perfect for the fall weather? You get a total of 35 colors for $22.99. If you really wanted to break it down, thats only 65 cents per eyeshadow! For those of you who love those warm neutrals, this palette has it all. 

AKA, the best product I've found to remove all traces of makeup. If you know me, you probably know that makeup is one of my best friends. I have a passion for this form of art, which means I'm most likely wearing a full face of makeup almost every day. I also have a passion for skin, which can only mean my nightly skin care routine probably takes some time. Thats right! There goes 30 minutes out of my day, dedicated to pampering my skin with lots of love. This product is on the front line with this process. I've re-purchased Botanics 3 in 1 cleansing solution at least half a dozen times. I love how gentle it is to the skin. It's the only liquid makeup remover I've used, that doesn't leave my skin feeling over oily after application. This product is incredibly refreshing and removes my makeup like a gem! Just don't forget the cotton rounds ;) 

Staying on our facial products train, I had to mention a new cream I've fallen in love with. I fell pretty hard and pretty fast. Lush cosmetics items are another set of products that take up time in my skin care regimens. I personally believe they have some of the best facial moisturizers on the market. Your skin can always tell the difference when you start using items that have all natural ingredients! Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the best presents you can give. Hydration is a huge anti-aging benefit and also helps us look at our healthiest. Celestial was crafted with sensitive skin in mind. It's made with cocoa butter, vanilla and almond milk. It's incredibly hydrating and feels amazing on the skin! Have I mentioned yet that this smells good enough to eat? Don't try that at home though folks.

Tea just got a whole lot yummier when I discovered this item on a spontaneous mall visit with my husband. I can say with confidence that I'm now a dedicated tea lover. I've always had a battle with deciding if I really enjoyed drinking herbal teas because coffee always just seemed to outshine it. When I started limiting my caffeine intake to about once a week, I knew I was bound to find something to replace that crave. When visiting the teavana shop, I was introduced to a wide variety of different types of amazing flavors of tea. I probably smelt half of the ones they had in the store. After some back and forth decisions on a select few, I went with a classic. Strawberry lemonade! It's perfectly sweet and sour. There are great, big chunks of strawberry slices, apples, and yellow marigold petals in this mix. How cute is that? I love how refreshing this is over ice. The flavors couldn't compliment each other any better.

You know it's about to get real when we start discussing bath & body works candles. Don't forget to grab yourself a pen and paper for this one. You'll need to write a note to self, reminder to smell this candle on your next visit into bath & body works. Champagne toast was recently welcomed into the family about two weeks ago during the crazy $12 candle sale. I was pleasantly surprised to find this little one still stocked on the shelf with the prices half off. With five star reviews online, I'd say it gets two thumbs up from me! I love to burn this all year round.

Do you ever have those mornings where you just crave a nice, crunch worthy, warm waffle? I've been having those days quite often this past month. Since Brandon and I haven't broke into all of our exciting, wedding goodies yet, were not fully prepared to make home made waffles at this time. These totally vans waffles are gluten, egg, dairy, corn, and nut free. Customized to fit every need, I always find myself repurchasing these again and again. They make such a tasty morning treat!

I was sad this book had to come to an end, when I recently finished it this past week. Lysa Terkeurst has such a fun loving personality that speaks right through her books as an author. No wonder I flew threw this book. I couldn't put it down! I found myself being able to relate to every part of each chapter I read. To me, this book wasn't just a good read. It was freeing, transforming, and full of wisdom. You'll definitely need a notebook to jot down your favorite quotes that are so beautifully recorded through out the pages. I was inspired to put these teachings into practice after finishing it up. The Best Yes was the blessing I needed right at this very moment of my life. 

If I'm ever looking for a song to jam out to in the car on my phone, this is the song I search for first! I have always been a fan of the music Lauren creates, but this is by far one of my favorites. The words of this song are strung together so wonderfully. Come alive, is a true representation of possessing courage, faith, and brings hope. This was created based upon the scripture from Eziekeil 37, which speaks of breathing life into dry bones. The message is so powerfully portrayed through out this song. Definitely a song to keep on constant repeat!

I don't know how I survived without these in my life in the past, but I know I'm never looking back now. Having a specific place to jot tasks down has proven to be more than helpful. My life has felt more organized and I've learned to be more productive these past few months. I even sleep better at night too! Spending about five minutes of time writing out the things to do for the following day right before bed, helps me stay on track with all of life's demands. Since I've always been a visual learner, having everything written out in front of me keeps my brain focused and motivated. As you cross off the items off your list, you'll start to feel a sense of accomplishment that is usually missed when rushing from one activity to the next. Making that progress helps motivate me to keep moving forward instead of feeling overwhelmed. As long as you remember to look at your to-do list, you'll never lose your train of thought.

What have you been loving recently? Leave a comment down below because I always love hearing from you! Don't forget to come back to visit again soon. I'll be back in a few days with a new post!

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