Faith Over Fear

For those of you who may know me personally or maybe you know of me by Instagram posts, I'm about to give you insight on some deep struggles of my very heart. Who knew first impressions would leave me shaking in my boots. 

I am someone who has just recently discovered an unfamiliar part of me within the past two years. That new discovery is a pretty common word to today's society. A simple word in which just begins to scratch the surface of what 18% of the United States population are familiar with. I'd like to introduce the word also known as anxiety, but really it's just another word to replace the true meaning of fear.

Google or also known as what we can now call modern day Siri, translates this word in describing it as a feeling of worry, unease, nervousness, and something with an uncertain outcome. To some it up in my own words as I was taught in English Literature class during my High School years, this is nothing more than fear of the unknown. Have you ever been in this position at some point in your life? I have too. 

It still baffles me how quickly apprehension can sneak up on us, affecting how we feel and address situations. Whether this is a place you've been waiting for your healing over ten years or a season you're just beginning to be introduced to, it doesn't settle easily with our hearts or our daily lives. I know when I first began to comprehend the symptoms of what I faced and how come I would become so anxious over picking the perfect gift or even choosing which restaurant to eat at for dinner. (Thank God that I have a husband who has taught me not to give me more than two choices at a time!) 

If you might be struggling with this area in your life, we're about to take a little hope journey together. Let's get ready to run the race of faith!

1 Peter 5:7, Peter tells us to 
"Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you."

The very Creator that spoke the world into existence cares about this little hazel eyed, straight-banged, girl who can't even make up her mind what to order off the Starbucks drive-thru menu?! Yes, even me. More importantly, even you.

God has more love for us than our minds can allow us to comprehend. 

This can be easily found in the book of John, verse sixteen in chapter three. It talks about how God gave His Son Jesus, for the entire world. There are a handful of people I love with my entire heart, but I find it hard to even imagine having to give up a someone for such a beautiful purpose.

By doing this God gave us the opinion to activate our faith in believing in someone so much greater than ourselves. Putting our trust in a Savior. This is where we have the choice to either press into our faith or let fear hover over our lives daily. I want to live in complete trust that Jesus will conquer all the unknowns in my life. 

I want that for you also.

It's easy to say you believe even when the storms of life begins raging. Faith is unique these days because it's actually getting harder and harder to find in the world around us. If we even begin by starting small with speaking faith into action. 

Matthew 21:22 Jesus declares 

If we start faithfully praying fear out of existence in our lives, mountains will be moved. Can you imagine? The very thing that has clung to us for months and maybe even years, hindering us from things we once used to love, could simply be a prayer away? We need to begin by adapting our lifestyle to align with the Truth of The Word. Why else would God put them in this precious Book of Life? We have been given access to all power through Jesus. 

Remember how I mentioned that the Creator cares so much for you and for me? These simple words in Matthew are His love in action. Now we have to take that big step ourselves in order to live faithfully to conquer fears and stand firm in faith. It may be hard at first, but in the end it'll be worth it and even get easier as time passes on.

Isaiah 7:9  
"Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm." 

Some other translations of the Bible finish this sentence by also saying "you won't stand at all."

Without faith, there is no hope. No peace. No joy. T

Trust me when I say, I've been there. I can promise you that it isn't an enjoyable place to spend time. This is the very atmosphere that dangles not so quietly over me when my unwanted friend, Mr.axiety decides to stop by for a visit. The only solution I've found thus far is finding comfort in God's promises. Knowing that His Words are truth activates my belief and helps me conquer my fears. 

I choose to 

After all, faith is the only thing that overcomes fear. 

Welcome to Tiffany's Korner! I'm so happy you stopped by! There's always something new to read about weekly, so enjoy your stay and feel free to come back and visit! xoxo

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