Fight For A Life Worth Living

We often fluster over the idea of the 'what if's' rather than the 'what now's'. 

"What if I take the wrong path or make the wrong decision?"
"What if I'm heading in a different directions?" 
"What if it would have worked out better this way instead?" 

Indecisiveness quickly and quietly become an enemy.

I'm here to tell you that its okay to have these thoughts cross your mind. We've all been there at one point in time or maybe we are experiencing it in our life right now. Although this, we should know that we're not meant to live in fear. 

Joshua 1:9 
"Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go."

One of the life lessons I've learned along this journey is that reminder that doesn't stop nagging most of all. That thought of you'll always wish you started sooner. As much as this can bring disappoint and cause frustration to us, it also rises up a strength you might have not even known you had. It makes you want to get up and face that battle in your life, head on. To fight for a life that is worth living. 

Starting is overwhelming, but starting is progress. Whatever this might mean to you, it could be finally cleaning out your messy closet, choosing to join a gym to meet your health goals, or making some of life hardest choices in the midsts of complete chaos. Just making the choice to begin can influence your life in the best way possible. 

No one ever got anywhere without starting.

The three biggest obstacles of struggle I face in my life are dreading the possibility of failure, being too anxious to wait, and overwhelming bursts of nervousness in taking the wrong path for my life. Do those feelings ring a bell to you? 

These concerns are really only going to keep our head spinning around in circles day in and day out. They'll even continue to linger in your thoughts as long as you let them. 
It's time to dismiss our thinking in this. (Excuse me for always adding Dr.Seuss lingo to all my points. If you read it slow you might catch it).

Your future possesses value. The way you live is more than just existing. You have power to start over. You are holding the ability to do anything, right inside of you at this very moment. 

It's amazing to grasp the thought that we have the potential to do great things in whatever circumstance we face. We are given a choice. The option to step on the gas and go, the option to accept where you are and be glad, the option to start over, and the option to live a life your proud of. 

You and I both have no idea how the things we learn in our journey now will benefit us in our future. This is not revealed to us until  we reach our the time period. The idea might make you anxious, but we have to remember that you can never steer a parked car. If those continuous moments of "what if" questions keep us at a stand still, time will pass right by. 

Panic gets the advantage. Fear takes the win if we let it. Check and mate. 

Remember my three bullet points above on what I wrestle with the most in my life? 
If not, here's a little reminder: 

1. Dreading the possibility of failure
2. Being too anxious to wait.
3. Nervousness of taking the wrong path for my life. 

These difficulties are all common, but also unique to each specific person. 
Lets break it down a little bit.

As people we express concern of failing a test, failing at not getting that house we've always wanted, failing at missing out on certain opportunities; the list goes on and on. How I look at the word failure, in it's verb context, is failing to try. 

Yes, hear me out on this. 
When we neglect to reach out and try something new or follow the dream we've always wanted, we fail at taking action regardless of what the result. A door never opens without you reaching for the handle. Whether we turn it or not, that is the choice we get to make. The choice we get to live out.

Experiencing worry, distress, and unease. 

Let's face it, the world is not a patient place. We have drive-thru's for just about every major fast food chain company there is, over night shipping methods, and stores open twenty-four hours a day. We get anxious to wait. 

Think of it as a sport. If (insert your all star favorite football / soccer / baseball player's name here) decided to jump into professional sports right away, would the team your routing for ultimately make it to the playoffs? Shouldn't they invest in some practice time before hand, learning all the best strategies, moves, and knowledge about said sport. Instead of being too anxious to wait for their career to kick off, they were anxious to start living it out right where they were at.

This is a state in which stress resides. 

Have you ever been in a complete position of tension, the kind that tightens up neck and your heart falls into your stomach? Is this an area you face when thinking about your future and the path of your life? Me too. 

What if we changed our way of thinking? We replaced the eight words that follow closely behind the word nervousness above, with the idea of being alarmed not to try to take the right path. This is going to be the motivation we need to push forward trusting that God will lead us on the right path when we seek after Him. True freedom lies in His hands. Knowing that, what do we have to be nervous about?

Ultimately the many "maybe someday" and "sometime eventually" can be put into action instead. To learn to stop stopping and start somewhere. Life doesn't have to wait until tomorrow. Start removing those barriers and discouraging words we let build up in time. As the American multinational corporation's famous Nike saying goes, just do it! Not overthinking it. Not making excuses. Not living afraid. 

It's never too late to start now where you are. 
Adventuring to live the life that is meaningful to you.

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