How To Dream Big In Twenty Seventeen

Lets take a minute to rewind time and go back to what seems like just yesterday, but was really six years ago. You'll find a girl, probably wearing skinny jeans, headphones dangling from her ears, and hiding behind a lions mane (aka Brandon's prefered adjective to describe my hair). I can still visualize that very moment when my four year guidance counselor sat me down and asked me what I thought was the most dreadful question in the world, "What would you like to do with your life?"You would most likely find little ole me sinking into my chair farther and farther as those bold words rolled off of his tongue. 

Like teenage Tiffany, I still have my unanswered questions, my discomforts, and yes, even my lion maned hair. Above all those though, I have my dreams. Big dreams. And I know you do too, even if you still don't know this very second what they are. Trust me when I say, I know what that feels like. I understand the anxiety that kicks in when you see others around you living out what they've always wanted. I even recognize with the ones who thought they knew what they wanted, taking action in the big step towards the goal, and then saw it crash down. As much as those experiences hurt and even discouraged me at times, I'm thankful for them. All of them. I know I'm a little crazy for saying that, but if I wouldn't have walked through those seasons of life. I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have the courage or the confidence to make 2017 the best year yet. 

Discovering what you hope for is as easy as finding things you delight in. Have you ever been in a situation where maybe a friend, or family member encourages you to try this new food out because they think it's so good? Yet, when you lay your eyes on whatever they're holding up to you to try, you just KNOW it's not going to be something you're going enjoy. It's as easy as it is daring when you try a new food to also discover your ambitions. The kind of aspirations that makes you special. I can testify to this because I'm usually that family member or friend throwing my crazy, vegan treats in just about anyones face that will be willing to give it a chance.

Through your journey of dreaming big this year, I want you to remember this key point. 

It's okay to run the race at your own pace,  as long as you're ready for the chase. 

I'm a wee bit excited by how Dr.Seuss-like that last sentence sounded. Anyone else?! I have been racing on this quest since graduating High School. We can all agree that running can be physically exhausting, jeez even being on the stair climber at the gym after twenty minutes has me breaking a sweat. Just like our physical bodies, when we are sprinting our way towards our goals, we're bound to get tired. It's an area that requires our emotions, our time, our efforts, and even our finances. 

These specifics all have a common attribute too. They can run dry. It is a necessity to fuel them in order to see substantial change in our lives. 
Just as we nourish our bodies to stay energized through out our day, we also have to fire up our plans. When we dare to dream, we are daring responsibility every aimless moment
This means we have the courage to take on this new task because this is the exact definition of daring. And finally, we are responsible to keep ourselves accountable in every aimless moment. In all of those moments where you and I face discouraging seasons that will show up unannounced in the next three hundred and sixty five days. Even when it seems like you have no direction and you might have took a wrong turn, stay fearless. 
Success never comes without struggle.

We've defined what it takes to dream and now we need to become equiped. For you this could mean investing time out of your day to be present in having a conversation with someone you connect with just to get your thoughts going. Like me, it could also mean getting creative and journaling out your ideas. It can even be kept as simple as spending a few minutes on Pinterest and getting inspiration from others. Making time to ask yourself, "What motivates me? What do I really want? How am I going to get there?'.

One of my absolute favorite ways to spend free time is getting my nose into a good motivational book with my trusty notebook along side. When I read about authors who speak about their own experiences and topics that drive me to be better, I become encouraged. This is what fuels the fire to have dreams. Do you recall the old saying, seeing is believing? We can use this context to help us become aware of our plans for two thousand and seventeen. When you begin to communicate your emotions onto the words of a notebook or the sentences strung together of an inspiring book, those statements will begin to become apparent to you. Lively and actively existing in your life. And in mine.

To get you inspired, I've chose to share a list of my personal goals in what I'm looking forward to for this brand new year. 

Now that you're prepared for the road ahead, are you ready to run the race? Remember that it's perfectly acceptable to run at your own pace, as long as you keep pushing towards the finish line, ready to chase.

Your run is your story. 
Stay faithful. 
Push harder. 
Dream bigger in 2017. 

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