Reflection Of Redemption

January 4th, 2017.  

The start of something new. (Insert flashback High School Musical Music here). 

The beginning of fresh memories, different adventures, and a chance to reflect on everything I've overcome this past year. As the celebrations came to their end, my heart burst with pure excitement.

Twenty seventeen is going to be filled with even more opportunities than the last. I'm not just talking about your normal trip to the local Target to pick out a cute planner to jot down all of our resolutions and plans for the course of the next twelve months. Well...I'm not going to lie, an agenda notebook to tag along with me every step of the way doesn't sound that bad.

Reminiscing is a new chapter for me. I'm not the kind of person to slow down and be inspired to give time of reflection for what I've learned and where God brought me through each and every season. Today, I've decided to do just that. With a thankful heart for all the good and even a chunk of the bad too. Did i mention it's a little therapeutic too? I hope this can motivate you to do the same. 

I spent the last first days of January writing out everything that was laid upon my heart. My words become smaller and smaller the closer I drew to the bottom of the page as my hand continued to slide across the crowded words. 

This is where all those ideas resulted in. My reflection.

It's pretty neat to see my entire year displayed with just twenty eight simple statements. Each letter representing a feeling. Every utterance telling my story. A tale that doesn't end with your typical "and they lived happily ever after", but rather "the story has just begun"

This was my time of growth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Of course each and every day has its ups and downs. Thats three hundred and sixty five chances of experiencing unknown territory as we grow older. I acknowledged those parts of me that I discovered through times of joy and periods of trials. As one of my favorite songs sums it up, through it all, it is well with my soul.

Even if this may not have been your best year or maybe like me, you got so caught up in doing this and getting that done that you miss the very race you sought to ran. The struggles you faced could possibly be a marathon you didn't even sign your name up for to participate in. It could even be a dreadful experience to visualize because you don't want re-vist the goals you set up for yourself last January that didn't get the attention they deserved. And that's okay because guess what? (Get ready for this!)

A chance to let the very Creator in for a extended stay. Not just in twenty seventeen, but many years after that. Nothing can separate us from His love
Let's choose to live out a new year, as a better me, because of what He did for us. 

Grab a hold of this verse today and be encouraged. 

Another fresh start no longer has to be seen in the eyes of discouragement. If Jesus is fighting for us, He is walking right along side of your every situation. He has given everything for your peace, joy, healing, freedom, and redemption. And mine too. This is our chance to walk in our 'better me' selves. Our possibility to accept that just being a child of the Most High is enough. 

This is the year to bloom. 

To flourish in every area of who you and I are called to be.
To just be

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