Letting Your Love Shine This Valentines Day

Are you one of those people who just noticed that Valentines Day crept up on you pretty quickly and you're not quite sure when it happened, but it did? Yeah, me too. 

This year, the 14th of February raced into my life and before I knew it, there I was spending last minute moments scrolling up and down my Pinterest page for inspiration. During that time of shameful amounts of effort in my mission to gather up the perfect photos to represent this special day, my heart was touched with a revelation and I was also left with two aggravated thumbs. 

In a split second, I was becoming fully aware that Valentines Day felt like much more than it ever has before. I was left with a kind of feeling that I wished I had done more in previous years. Wishing I said more. Wishing I loved more. I was learning an appreciation of what love truly means to me because of who Jesus is. Our love has the ability to change the world around us. Love is more than an emotion. Love is a lifestyle. 

Valentines Day gives us the opportunity once a year, to show adoration and appreciation for those around us. To me, this has always consisted of my husband, full of showering one another with sweet cards, extensive amounts of chocolates, and a few boxes of conversation hearts of course.

If we fast forward back about fourteen years ago, you'll find a nine-year-old girl with crazy hair and a box full of Valentine Day cards. This was a traditional event during my elementary school years. Bringing cards attached with delicious treats for each individual in the class. The teacher would designate a time to exchange gifts into each home-made mailbox that sat on top of every desk. I am thankful for memories like this. 

Having the ability to return to my fourth-grade self began to bring a fresh outlook of what a day like this really means. It's not about the pressure to find a Valentine, the fancy dates, nor even the cute conversation hearts. It's about taking the time show our adoration to those around us. To smile and thank the clerk at the grocery store check out. To send a thoughtful letter to an old friend. To bless the person behind you at the local coffee shop. To bake a dozen cookies and bring them to a neighbor. It's showing kindness and displaying generosity to those we encounter through out our day.

This year I want you to join me in challenging ourselves to let our love shine and reach others. To do more than we have before. To change the world around us...even if it begins with one Valentines Day at a time. To get you started, I've included a list of motivational ideas you can do for someone today. You know what this means?! You don't even have to spend multiple hours scrolling through your Pinterest feed like I did. I guarantee your thumbs will thank you later! 

Have a very Happy Valentines Day! 

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