April Favorites

1. It's time to admit that I may have a slight problem. I am an absolute huge wanna-be graphic design nerd. Almost two months ago I was blessed with the oppurtunity to utilize my favorite hobby for something bigger than myself. I found my muse and the passion inside of me to spread the Good News of God's Kingdom. Have I mentioned that I discovered a website that I can testify to being completely obsessed with? Well, I sure did! Canva.com has taken over many hours of my time and also given me a great springboard to start creating. For those of you like me, who still might not have learned how to take on photoshop quite yet, this is an awesome way to get started! This website is too good not to share. 

2. April showers bring May flowers...and in this case, white tulips! It's okay they came a little early in the Barrett household, right? If you know me, you may already be aware about the fact that the color white holds a special place in my heart. There is something about a big boquet of fresh tulips that gives me the feels. They're beautiful and capture the essense of Spring! I believe the fact that the greenery plays a key role in this arrangement of flowers is a major plus for this North Eastern girl too. 

3. Oh, coffee. My survival partner and my best friend. Let me begin by saying I was doing great at keeping my caffeine intake to a once a week treat, but then spring hit and I caved. I guess I can't help it if my birthstone might just be a coffeebean (holds the cue cards to laugh). Well, it might not help either that my husband is an avid coffee drinker as well. My current go to drink is different that any other specialty order I've heard yet. I'm not going to lie, but this makes me eager to share! So, here it is : Coconut cream pie iced coffee with extra room for coconut milk or creamer and one tablespoon of honey. That's it. I had me at coconut cream pie coffee...YUM! If your one whom enjoys your order a little on the sweet side, I recommend trying out a new sugar alternative like honey. This gives the same delicious flavor, while leaving behind the extra refined sugars that our bodies doesn't particularly need. Yes please! I'll take one to go!

4. We convenently made our way back to greenery items and how adored they are in my day to day living. Brandon was fortunate to grew up with beautiful plants that hung in the top corners of his childhoods home as he moved amongst new cities through out Vermont. Can we talk about #goals?! His love for house plants has made a few fun apperances through out our ten months of marriage and I'm loving every minute of it. We recently just picked up an adorable wooden tabletop planter at Target for just $3! We're hoping to have a better experience this time around as we plan on keeping our furry friends out of the process. They may have bitten off more than they could chew with our last house plants.
5. If there is a photo out there that might show a little piece into who I am, this would be it! We're going to try to stay focused on what's on the plate because thats what I've been loving. Everything avacodo plus my favorite snacks at the moment, apples. Specifically empire apples. These are two items that I've found myself picking up on a consitant basis each day. I now require at least one avacodo in my household at all times because my body craves this delicious healthy fat. You can incorperate each of these items into any meal at every hour of the day. Apples options are endless when it comes to incorperating into different foods. Try slipping into salads for added crunch, top with peanut butter for a sweet and salty snack or even use as a base for a raw cereal. Avacodo toast has never failed to keep me happy and have you ever tried making this little fruit into a dressing? Your tastebuds will be begging you for more when you do.

6. These nine words hold incredibly close to my heart. This is words to a song that never fails to break chains, bring freedom, and release tears. There is power in words. Words we speak and words we surrond ourselves in when getting lost in music. What a beautiful name is scripted to bring life. I'm incredibly thankful for Christian artists for this reason. I've been a huge fan of music since walking the halls of my hometown High School. I'd be lying if I didn't confess I had headphones in for multiple hours a day. There is a new favorite song on my list each month and April holds to prove that Hillsong made it to the very top of my most watched Youtube videos and listened numerous times on Spotify. 

7. It's pretty exciting when a TV show lands itself into my current favorites list because I rarley ever watch television. Brandon and I haven't had cable for more than two years now, so we spend most of our time watching Youtube videos, live streaming through applications or monthly subscriptions, and old fashioned DVD's. Did I just admit that DVD's are starting to become old fashioned? I feel like they're slowly beginning to go out of style when I no longer see ads on T.V. sponsoring the next hit release appearing on DVD. All this rambling leads into the part where I share the show thats been filling my weekday evenings; Fixer Upper. For those HGTV fans, you most likely already aware of this show and can acknowledge the excellence of this couples talent. For those who haven't seen this couples face before, you're welcome ;) A quick Warning before you proceed to watching: You may conclude each eposide with some house envy. They're decor designs are definitely Pinterest worthy! 

8. I began studying the Book of 1st and 2nd Samuel just over a month ago. For an avid reader, I'm always eager to start a new book of the Bible. Sometimes this can be great, leading to continous amounts of hours spent in God's Word, but it can also hamper with my thoughts. A quick spiral downhill in missing the clarity of certain scriptures my eyes pass right over. Proverbs 31 Ministries experience guides have been my helpful hand to keep myself grounded. Everything I need each day is laid out for me beautifully in the crinkles of each page. The eleven week study includes a daily devotional with reflective questions to answer, map references, outlines of major moments, and more! Can I also state how pretty these study companions are too? I adore having a notebook that creativly reminds me just where I left off.
9. Asking me to try a new place a few years back may have just resulted in a kindly, stubborn no. I noticed my husband and I have always been people that completely stink at picking out a place to eat or find our next new hangout spot. We found ourselves most comfortable when we're paying for items we know are good and going to our well known spots since they seemed to be the most comfortable to us. Not to mention, finding an area around my side of town proves to be difficult in catering to my specific dietry requests. Although, options are getting better! This past weekend, Brandon had the entire week off (insert raising hands emojii here)! We didn't know what to do with ourselves. It was as if a mini honeymoon arrived right in our laps as we shifted in a new season of life. This inspired us to hit the streets of my hometown in Burlington, Vermont. What a fun day it was! We roamed the farmiliar areas we'd hung out as teenagers and we even busted up some courage to walk in a few new local spots that we'd never seen before. This might not be a materalist item, cool food item, or new obsession, but it's a memory that is special I couldn't pass up on sharing. Now it's your turn. Get out there and try something new this week! 
What are your current obsessions? 
Feel free to comment right below. I can't wait to hear from you! 

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